• Closing Technique: The Alternative Close


    The alternative close is based on this rule. Never offer a prospect the choice between something and nothing. Always make it a choice between one of two items. Always offer him a choice between Product A or Product B. “ Which house do you like best? This one or this one? Which car do you prefer? The 2-door or the 4-door? Which type of tires do you want? The radial or the standard?” Always give them at least two choices. The prospect will answer you and say, “Well, I like product A better or I like product B better, or I don’t like either product.” You can then ask why. This gives you an opportunity to continue selling. But don’t ever ask, “Do you want this or not?”

  • Closing Technique: Closing On Appointments


    “Who is the person who makes the decisions regarding sales training in your company?” She would say, “that would be Mr. Jones.” I would say, “thank you. What is his first name, please?” Bill Jones. I would ask, “Could I speak to Mr. Jones?” I would then say, “Hello Mr. Jones, this is Brian Tracy. Would you like to see a method that would enable you to increase your sales by 20 to 30 percent over the next 12 months?” “What is it?” “that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about. I need about ten minutes of your time.” More....

  • Closing Technique: The Power Of Suggestion Close


    The way you use the power of suggestion close is by creating emotions in the prospect with words or pictures. For example, you can say, “You’re really going to enjoy the way this car handles on the road. My brother has one of these cars and he just loves the way it grips the road when he corners!” In other words, you talk to the prospect as if he already owns the product or service you are selling. You say, “ You are really going to be happy when you travel in this car this summer.” “You are really going to enjoy this holiday to Europe.”

  • Closing Technique: The Assumption Close


    For example, imagine that you have just finished your presentation. You ask, “Well, who is going to handle the mortgage arrangements for this?” Even before the prospect says, “Yes, I’ll take it,” you ask, “Who will handle the mortgage arrangements?” You assume that he has decided to buy. You talk past the sale and you go on to wrap up the details. This assumption close is one of the most powerful closes you can learn. It only takes a little practice to master.

  • How to Close Your Prospects


    I have been in network marketing for more than 5 years, and still I had a difficulty closing prospects. But this video has opened my mind how to close prospects and this has helped my associates also how to close their prospects. Are you having trouble closing your prospects? Take a look at this 4-question process...

  • Closing Technique: The Hot Button Close


    “What do you think of this house?” The wife says, “Harry, look at that beautiful flowering cherry tree. Ever since I was a girl, I wanted to have a house with a beautiful flowering cherry tree in the back yard.” And Harry says, “Shut up.” You know how Harry is. He always says, “Shut up.” They get out of the car and go into the house. The salesman is no dummy. He walks in behind them. Harry, Mr. Tough Guy, comes in and immediately says, “Look at this, you will have to replace the steps.” The salesman says, “Yes, but look at that beautiful flowering cherry tree out in the yard.” They walk into the house and Harry says, “This carpet is worn out; it will have to be replaced.”” Yes,” the salesman says, “But from here, you can see that beautiful flowering cherry tree, Mrs. Smith.” More...

  • Closing Tips and Techniques for Network Marketers


    Learning how to close prospects and ask for the sale is a VERY important skill to develop. If you don’t know how to close someone, you won’t get very good results in your business.

  • What Are The Effective Closing Techniques?


    The more closing techniques you know, the more likely it is that you will close the sale in the course of the sales interview. Selling is a skill. Good sales people are made, not born. Most of the most successful sales people in America were at one time shy, insecure, and clumsy at selling. They became great sales people by learning and practicing the essential skills of selling, including how to close the sale. And if you do what they do, you’ll be successful too, and nothing can stop you. Now, let’s begin.

  • Closing Technique: The Demonstration Close


    “Mr. Prospect, if I could show you the very best investment you’ve ever seen, are you in a position to put $5,000 into right now?” The prospect might say, “Well, I don’t know. I haven’t got $5,000 right now.” Could you invest four?” “Well, I don’t know.” “How about three?” “Well, yes, I could invest three thousand.” “So, if I could show you the best investment you’ve ever seen, you could put $3,000 into it?”

  • How to Close The Deal in Network Marketing


    If you want more results recruiting, learn how to be a better closer. Do you have a bunch of prospects on the fence? Here I’ll show you how to push those people over the fence WITHOUT being pushy....

  • Closing Technique: The Trial Close


    The trial close is a technique that a professional sales person asks throughout the presentation to find out how well he is doing. It is also called the check close. You use it to check your progress. You present a part of your product or service offering and then you ask, “What do you think of this so far? Does this make sense to you? Is this what you’re looking for? Is this what you had in mind? Is this an improvement on what you are doing right now?” For example, you could ask, “Is this the sort of layout that you’re looking for?” The prospect might say, “No.” You can then say, “That’s good to know; we have several other layouts.” You could ask, “Do you like this color?” If the prospect says, “Yes,” you know you are getting closer to a sale. If the prospect says, “No, I don’t like that color,” you can say, “That’s alright; we have several other colors available.”

  • 3 Tips for Closing in Network Marketing


    Do you struggle closing prospects in Network Marketing? Are you ready to throw in the towel because you can't convince anyone that Network Marketing can change their life? If so, this video is for you.

  • Closing Technique: The Ben Franklin Close


    This is how it works. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center. Now, let’s write down all the reasons in favor of making this purchase decision on the left hand side.” You then start listing off all the benefits and advantages of your product or service. “ Remember we talked about this? And remember we talked about that? And we talked about this, and it does this, and it does that. And you have this and it includes this, and so on.” You have the prospect write down every single buying reason you can think of. You restate all the good reasons for buying you product. And then you ask, “Is that everything, Mr. Prospect?” “Can you think of anything else?” The prospect will eventually say, “No, I think that’s everything.” You then say, “Okay. Now, you fill out the other side.” And you hand him the pad of paper and the pen.

  • Highly Effective MLM Closing Script


    The most important task after getting a prospect interested in your opportunity or products is closing. A highly effective MLM prospecting script to guide you in closing can be the difference between putting food on your family’s table for the month or starving.

  • How to Close Your Prospects in Network Marketing - 6 Secrets


    Having problem closing your prospects? Take a look at these 6 secret tips on how to close your prospects in your business. Take notes and carefully practise the 6 step-by-step questions to close your prospects...

  • 6 Simple Steps to Close


    You’ve sat down with your prospect, shared your story, and presented your opportunity, now what? How are you going to close so that you have the best chance of getting your prospect to sign up? I have a simple closing methodology that works in every company...