• How to Follow Up With Network Marketing Prospects


    "Are your prospects getting back to you in a timely manner? If you want to increase your sign up rate, here is EXACTLY how to follow up with your network marketing prospect. Once you have sent your business opportunity to a person who asked for it, how do you follow up?"

  • The Fortune is in the Follow Up


    Network Marketers often make the mistake of thinking that they have to sign up a prospect at the end of the first meeting. But 9 times out of 10, a prospect won’t sign up after just one exposure. It takes time to educate prospects so that they fully understand the opportunity. And that is why the follow up is so important.

  • 5 Rules for a Successful MLM Follow Up


    Every top earner knows that “the fortune is in the follow up”. In sales, it’s said that it takes an average of 7 “exposures” before someone will buy from you. I’ve never kept statistics on this, but I will say that in Network Marketing, MOST people will NOT sign up with you after only one conversation.

  • The 3 Deadly Donts of Follow Up


    The #1 reason most distributors don't follow-up with their prospects is more psychological than simply a lack of organization. I believe the root of poor follow-up is due to a lack of belief. A lack of belief in themselves, their future success or even the opportunity they represent.

  • 7 Proven Network Marketing Follow Up Tips


    When you’re inviting people to look at your network marketing business, following up is absolutely crucial. There are A LOT of wrong ways to do it, but these seven network marketing follow-up tips will help increase your sign-ups dramatically.

  • Follow Up Tips


    Follow up is one of the most important aspects to successful recruiting. Here are some tips that, in my humble opinion, are worth a million bucks! Eric Worre has a very simple tip on how to perfectly do the follow up as a professional network marketer.

  • Follow Up Scripts


    The goal of a Followup contact is to schedule the next one. The goal outcome for every prospect is 1) they sign up, 2) they become a customer, or 3) they give you a referral. Then file them to be in touch later. Life will change for them in time, and you can be there to help where needed.

  • Super Effective Follow Up Strategy for Network Marketing Prospects


    Wanna know how to effectively follow up with your Network Marketing Prospects? You will learn my most powerful strategy in this blog post. Watch this short video to learn EXACTLY how to effectively follow up and recruit more reps!

  • The ABCs of Effective MLM Follow Up That Will Increase Your Sales


    After your business presentation, about 70% of prospects will say they will think about it overnight if they will join the business. In reality, that "overnight" can mean a week or two or even months.