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    • The trial close is a technique that a professional sales person asks throughout the presentation to find out how well he is doing. It is also called the check close. You use it to check your progress. You present a part of your product or service offering and then you ask, “What do you think of this so far? Does this make sense to you? Is this what you’re looking for? Is this what you had in mind? Is this an improvement on what you are doing right now?” For example, you could ask, “Is this the sort of layout that you’re looking for?” The prospect might say, “No.” You can then say, “That’s good to know; we have several other layouts.” You could ask, “Do you like this color?” If the prospect says, “Yes,” you know you are getting closer to a sale. If the prospect says, “No, I don’t like that color,” you can say, “That’s alright; we have several other colors available.”

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