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    • “What do you think of this house?” The wife says, “Harry, look at that beautiful flowering cherry tree. Ever since I was a girl, I wanted to have a house with a beautiful flowering cherry tree in the back yard.” And Harry says, “Shut up.” You know how Harry is. He always says, “Shut up.” They get out of the car and go into the house. The salesman is no dummy. He walks in behind them. Harry, Mr. Tough Guy, comes in and immediately says, “Look at this, you will have to replace the steps.” The salesman says, “Yes, but look at that beautiful flowering cherry tree out in the yard.” They walk into the house and Harry says, “This carpet is worn out; it will have to be replaced.”” Yes,” the salesman says, “But from here, you can see that beautiful flowering cherry tree, Mrs. Smith.” More...

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